Kaspersky Internet Security: ‘yes, we have no bananas!’


no bananas
For full farcical effect, we recommend you listen to the soundtrack whilst reading this tale

For about the last two months now, every time I have turned on my laptop I have received a reminder from Kaspersky that my Total Security software is about to expire. In fact, it’s fair to say, I’ve received more reminders and warnings about my impending software expiry date, than I did about Y2K!


So top marks Kaspersky for showing so much concern for my online security.

And I must say, the software itself has been great. Since falling victim to the CryptoLocker trojan about 2 years ago, I fully appreciate the importance of solid security software.

So, since the licence actually expires today, it’s a good time to go shopping…

A simple click from the software admin takes me direct to the renewal page. Even though the landing page seems to know that I need Kaspersky Total Security,  they take the opportunity to spruik a few more products anyway. Not rising to the bait, I continue by clicking on the renewal link.

2016-04-05 10_36_27-Kaspersky Licence Renewal – Kaspersky LAB Official Australian Store

So now I’m on the correct product renewal page. What’s this? 30% off automatically applied to renewal prices – happy days!

2016-04-05 10_37_27-Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device Renewal – Kaspersky LAB Official Australia A

Sure enough, when I scroll down the page, the default configuration is showing as 1 device for 2 years for $63.95. Awesome! I’ll be safe and saving.

2016-04-05 10_47_33-Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device Renewal – Kaspersky LAB Official Australia 1 device 2 years

So, I change the configuration to match my current licence (2 devices, 1 year, no installation CD) and enter my 32 digit key number (don’t miss the footnote below).

I then have to check the calender to see if it is still April Fools’ Day.

How can a digital, non-physical product possibly be ‘sold out’? And how can they be so presistent at reminding me to renew a service that is apparently no longer available?

What am I missing here? Am I going crazy?

2016-04-05 10_48_40-Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device Renewal – Kaspersky LAB Official Australia - 2 device 1 year B.png

This is exactly where Live Chat would be very useful. I’m sure there is a simple explanation and fix to my query. But alas, no Live Chat, so I submit an enquiry to the support email address and receive the following automated reply:

Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting Kaspersky Lab Technical Support.
The following request was registered: ID INC000006029168

Please note: business hours of our technical support are different for various regions. More details for your region can be found here: http://support.kaspersky.com/b2c
We will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible.

To add new information to your request or ask additional questions, you can simply reply to this e-mail leaving the subject line unchanged. This email was generated automatically.

Best regards,
Kaspersky Lab Technical Support

Having been peppered with notifications from Kaspersky for the last 2 months, now when I really do need to hear from them, I’m left waiting and wondering.

The most frustrating part of all this – I actually live in the same suburb as the reseller. I mean 5 minutes away.

It’s 27 degrees and blue sky. Might be time to get away from the screen and grab some fresh air.

Footnote – free user testing

In the process of trying to renew the licence, I was asked to enter my licence key. Not even knowing whether it was 18 digits or 32 let alone the actual key, I went searching my emails for a copy of last year’s receipt.

I found it without too much difficulty, but after my failed attempt at renewal, I later noticed at the foot of the product page (ie. well below the fold) instructions on where to locate my licence key.2016-04-05 10_49_56-Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device Renewal – Kaspersky LAB Official Australia - support

OK, this is helpful. But wouldn’t it have been a lot more helpful to have a simple link (eg. ‘Find My Licence Key’ or ‘Locating Your Licence’) positioned above, beside or below where it actually asks you to enter it? For example:

find my key.png


Having just spoken to the Australian supplier’s sales support phone number, they have informed me that Kaspersky has ‘not sent them the licence keys’, therefore at this point in time, they cannot sell anymore copies of this product.

So essentially, ‘yes, they have no bananas today‘!

Their suggestions:

  1. Buy another product (eg. Internet Security, rather than Total Security, which does not include back up facility)
  2. Go to Officeworks or JB HiFi



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